2016. You made it great.

2016 is a year of memories, entertainment and inspirations. Every year, I celebrate amazing people and things that make my year great. Take a look here.

In my heart lives a Computer Scientist.

I am currently majoring in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. I worked on developing SubtitleKit, MappingTwitter, and a few Mac utilities, delivered several full stack website for various clients and conducted research on the compatibility of Apple's Cocoa Touch frameworks across OS releases.

In my heart lives an entrepreneur.

I am the Chief Media Officer of the SUIS student video club, making memories timeless and accessible. At UCLA Extension, I had a blast dreaming up startup VibeFind with my friends. I also provide business consultation for smaller businesses from time to time.

In my heart lives a reporter.

I ocasionally write and report about random technical stuff. Somehow and totally unexpectedly, those got featured on Six Colors, 9to5Mac, MacRumors, Mac & i, BusinessInsider, Ars Technica, ATP, Mac Power Users, MacWorld Asia and many more.

In my heart lives a friendly human being.

You can find me by searching for user iOSight on WeChat. Or give me a shoutout through Twitter, Github, Youtube, Instagram, Zhihu and Email. I also celebrate my favourite things in this world every year. Want to see if you know me well? Take a quiz.

Whoever's reading this, thanks for your time.

Best Regards,