Memories With...

These Learners

Thomas Seaver

Mason Karim

Taylor Poole

We collaborated on lab projects for Environmental Science, ranging from deciphering the composition of random rocks to delivering presentations despite myself not understanding anything I say.

Environmental Science

EAS 1600, Georgia Tech

Jackie Elliott

Quyen Tran

Nicole Oh

John Lee

We went through thousands of questions, debated against one another, delivered lectures for one another, hence collaboratively formed a better understanding on Discrete Maths and on coding.

Computer Science

CS 1331+2050, Georgia Tech

Beryl Huang

Yolanda Sun

Vivian Ding

Gretel Gu

Together, we see through the past and predict the future (often with decent accuracy, shocker). From performing terrible sketches at Group IDK to cramming for Business exams together, it’s been a long journey.

Business Studies

International Baccalaureate

Anirudh Yadav

Miranda Wang

Jason Wen

Ken Dai

IB Physics is difficult. You guys made it easier. Emphasis on easier (so... they are still obtuse and cryptic). On a sidenote, my thanks to Ken for collaborating with me on several oral recordings, written assignments and presentations.


International Baccalaureate

Steven Yeung

Rawa Goran

Eiko Zhong

Michelle H.

Coco Qiu

Priya P.

Steven helped eveyone with their Calculus studies troumendously. Rawa and Eiko helped me navigate through IB and high school. Michelle compiled comprehensive notes on literature works. Coco brought excellent insight in college applications to the table. Priya delivered constructive feedback on my TOK assignments.


International Baccalaureate

Memories With...

These Explorers

Agustina Boffi

Mariano Vaca

Balak Roman

Priya Nair

We all come from different parts of this planet. Exploring thanksgiving with you guys has been wonderful.


Dr. Eliza’s Family

David Mitchell

Local Guide

Nick Pinto

Alex Poux

Midterms are stressful. Thrilling rides (and two very, very calming rides) at Six Flags came to rescue just in time.

Thrill Rides

Six Flags

Steven Yeung

Vincent Hu

Jack Tang

Vergil Gu

Fred Fu

A phone-losing, livestock-eating, deck-landing, lock-signing, plot-twist-revealing holiday. At Korea.

Graduation Trip


Verlina Huang

Abigail Fong

Weiyee Lee

Daesan Ko

Leona Ren

Together, we met and murdered creepy-creep-creep of the year, Dr. Zhang at an exhilarating room escape adventure.

Underwater Studies

At Moon Room

Stanley Fong

Rachel Chen

Jason Wen

Tiffany Liu

Jun Park

Go-karts are great. They’re fun and exciting yet they aren't life-threatening. A even better highlight with you guys: towing electrical bikes with raincoats on a highway.

Go-Karts Races

At Disc Kart

Memories With...

These Colleagues

Grace Harper

Galen Abell

Varoon P.

Using Natural Language Toolkit and Sentiword Net in conjunction with Multinomial Naïve Bayes' Theorem, working against the clock, we were able to map users' tweets onto an interactive map based on Esri's ArcGIS API.


Machine Learning Efforts

Thomas C.

Kelsie A.

Maya P.

We brainstormed, designed, presented, refined and documented a speech interface that improves its users' mood via music. We then recorded a podcast about the necessicity, implementation and usefulness of the interface.

Interface AppleCore

Speech Interface Concept

Anirudh Yadav

Weiyee Lee

Vanessa H.

Vanessa and Anirudh each had a major contribution to the formation of Kay's graduation speech, Overcoming Challanges. Weiyee's creative choices helped shape the surprise (to teachers) montage during the speech.

Overcoming Challanges

Graduation Speech

Alex Schreiber

Cynthia Quilici

Josh Sweeney

Stas Goshtein

Allan Nyholm

Collaboratively, we brought a classical UI typeface, Lucida Grande, to modern versions of macOS. Till now, macOSLucidaGrande and its predecessors have been downloaded for 20K+ times.


Typeface Utility

The Acaholics

Jessica Lee

Hermes Dai

Jacky Chen

Weiyee Lee

Shine Chen

To work around legislative restrictions, The Acaholics covers for me during every Thursday's ECA period so that I can quietly sneak into the cast. Jessica leads and organizes every backstage aspect of the show. Hermes, Jacky and Weiyee bring thier cinematic talent to live performances and archival recordings. Shine creates and directs interactive aspects of the show.


The Wiz at SUIS

Entertained By...

A Bigger Screen


TV Series

Westworld crafts an artificial world of a futuristic amusement park, where fantasies can lead to real consequnces.

From HBO Channel

Jonathan N., Lisa J. and More

Your Name.


A wild adventure of switching bodies. A heroic journey to save the protagonist’s hometown, Itomori. An emotive love story. It’s gold.

From CoMix Wave Films

Makoto Shinkai and More

The Sketchbook

Student Film

Working with Technicolor, Sennheiser and the SILIF initiative, SUIS Gubei brings student films to the next level with The Sketchbook.


Hermes Dai and More

Saturday Night Live

Live TV Program

The more-than-three-decade-old TV show continues to stride in delivering thought-provoking political sketches. Even more impressive is that everything is live.

From NBC Channel

Leslie J., Tina F. and More


Animated Movie

The visually-stunning and acoustically-refreshening animated movie introduces polynesian culture to the world.

WDAS Studio

John M., Ron C. and More

Entertained By...

A Louder Voice

Another Day, composed and performed by Jack Yao tells a captivating story about life. Paired with stunning vocals from Irene, this duet defines a hallmark in independent student releases.

Independent Release

On NetEase Cloud Music

We all got nightmares in our dreams
We look for someone to believe in us
And show us the way
And make it okay
The world can be dangerous

Walt Disney Records

On Apple Music

With the ambition of spreading the joy of beatboxing, BuzzBeats member Kento continuously sharpens his skills, taking on popular songs such as Love Yourself and All Time Low.


Follow on Instagram

As an attempt to procrastinate during her IB Physics Exam revision, talented vocalist Miranda Wang brings her beautiful take on Selena’s runway track. Oh! By the way, don't worry. She did well in the exam.

Independent Release

On Changba

This cover is raw, unprocessed and unrefined. The very beauty of this cover lies within these qualities. George continues to inspire every aspiring singer's confidence with his (*cough cough*) wonderful vocal skills.

Independent Release

On Changba

Pure Imagination is Stephanie Tarling's first cover release. Collaborating with Microsoft's marketing department for the Surface Studio unveil, Stephanie’s insane vocal brings Josh Groban’s iconic performance in The Chocolate Factory back to life.

Independent Release

On Bandcamp

Entertained By...

A Better Channel


Youtube Channel

With regular uploads each month for the past 10 years, Australian Youtuber Natalie Tran continues to capture humourous aspects of her everyday life.


Available on Youtube

Louis Rossman

Youtube Channel

Louis, a repairman at the center of NYC, gives an extensive look at board-level electronics repair by streaming his daily work while ranting about Apple.


Available on Youtube

Nat and Lo

Youtube Channel

These two Google employees peaks into general tomfoolery related to Google, employees who work at Google, and the products Google creates.

Nat and Lo

Available on Youtube


Youtube Channel

With a fast turn-around on video production, thanks to his skills and a recent move to Final Cut Pro X, Marques Brownlee brings high quality tech video to his subscribers at a remarkable pace.


Available on Youtube



ATP started as a car show. Over the years, these hosts created the perfect balance between praising technological advancements and expressing their concerns about technological regressions.

Marco, Casey and John

Available on Overcast

Strive For...

Eliminating Pricetags

Peter Zupke


Every year, millions of tons of electronic waste are generated when individuals replace their gadgets and devices. Thank you, Zupke, for making a difference by providing me with recycled phones and laptops.


At Georgia Tech

Library Genesis

Search Engine

On average, each college student spend thousands of dollars per semester on textbooks. Library Genesis provides both vector-based PDF of popular textbooks and high-quality bitmap scans of slightly less popular textbooks.

Library Genesis

Available at libgen.io


Celluar Provider

Celluar bills in the U.S. range from $30 to over $100 per month. FreedomPop believes access to phone calls, messages and celluar data should be a right, not a privilege. As a result, FreedomPop provides great celluar service for free.


At freedompop.com


Web Service

Commercial video streaming services are walled gardens with DRMs. Free streaming services are riddled with malwares and ads. Solarmovie is free to use, free of ads, easy to navigate and regularly updated with the latest movies and shows.


At solarmovie.sc

Fedora 25

Operating System

While commercial operating systems are widely used and supported, they often lack privacy or customizability. Before 2016 draws to a close, the improved compositor Wayland finally arrives in a stable, user-friendly distro - Fedora.

The Fedora Project

At fedora.com

Strive For...

Empowering Mind

Verlina Huang


The ultimate benchmark of alchool endurance. Very, very empowering.

Student of

University College London

All Professors

At Georgia Tech

Four months in: Some of you have really tough requirements. Some of you are friendly and approachable. Some of you are both. No matter which catagory you belong, it has been an absolute delight to be your student.

Employees of

Georgia Tech

All Teachers

At SUIS Gubei

IB is hard and rewarding. Every class, presentation, deadline, mock exam and feedback session, you've been there to teach, to guide, to support. Each and every one of you have made a unique, powerful stroke on the path of my life.

Employees of

Xiehe Education Group



This seemingly-innocent advertisement strikes a powerful chord. With a surprising plot twist, parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting highlights the aftermath of loneliness and importance of addressing school violence.

Created By

Sandy Hook Promise

I'm With Her

Presidential Campaign

Hillary has fought for human rights and important political issues since the 1970s. Throughout the year, she ran for the President of the United States for the second time, winning the popular vote with over 65 million votes.

By Hillary Clinton

With Hillary for America


iOS App

After T-Squared's successful initial debut in 2015 and a less successful proposal to revamp Georgia Tech's outdated learning system, Cal Stephens has since converted T-Squared to Swift 3 syntax while adding support for Two Factor Login. Cal's heroic effort to scrap and parse HTML documents without any API-level access deserve a loud shoutout.


Available on the App Store

Strive For...

Stepping Out

Carek Bao


The flirt.
The legend.
The playboy.
The fisherman.
The economist.
The fluffiest of them all.

Former Student

SUIS Gubei

Pokemon Go

Smartphone Game

As the successor of Ingress, Pokemon Go is Niantic Labs' second go at mobile gaming with mapping and AR. As a result, Pokemon Go has became a worldwide phenomena throughout Summer 2016, leading millions of teenagers outdoors.


With Niantic Labs

The Lodge


Filmed at Northern Ireland with local funding, this cheesy teenage musical introduces rock-climbing, kayaking, cycling, singing, filming, djaying, sound engineering and hotel management to millions of teenagers worldwide.

Zodiak Kids Studios

By Steven, Raymond and More

The Grand Tour

Reality Show

With the spirit of Top Gear in mind, the trio in the show attempts extraordinary things, such as becoming special forces soldiers. Because of their little experience on acting, the show is pleasantly enjoyable with few heavily-scripted exceptions.

Amazon Video

By Jeremy, Richard and More

Made to Move

TV Campaign

At the September Special Event, Apple unveiled this vibrant and energetic TV campaign, highlighting swimmers, cyclers and runners using the Apple Watch as a tool for motivation, companion, and progress tracking.

Apple Watch

By Apple

David Huang

Zane Chang

Sports Reporters

At every sports competition SUIS Gubei attends, we spot David and Zane (and their DSLR cameras, of course) in addition to the contestants. They've captured the light and shadow of every strike, every score, every victory and every loss. And that's the best time of our lives.


Request On Demand

Strive For...

Coding Better

Henry Chen


Specializing in object-oriented programming and data structure, Henry provided excellent peer-review on my coding projects.


Follow on Github

Joshua Crane

Technology Advisor

In charge of advanced Macintosh troubleshooting at Georgia Tech's army of advisors, Wreck Techs, Joshua dives deep into system processes and daemons (and sometimes drive back home to get an ethernet adapter) in order to resolve system issues.

Wreck Techs

549 8th St, NW

Luca Todesco

Security Researcher

While fighting against constant online harassment, Luca continues to blow past many several security mechanisms in iOS with his private researches and publicized tools. One hugely anticipated highlight: Yalu with his hypervisor and memory protection patch for iOS 10.1.1.


Follow on Twitter

Ian Beer

Security Researcher

Ian Beer is a legendary security researcher, reporting hundreds of vulnerabilities to software vendors under Google's Project Zero initiative. Recently, he discovered the lack of locking in set_dp_control_port, creating a long-anticipated XNU kernel use-after-free exploit.




iOS Developer

By continuously toying with and experimenting against the APTicket firmware authorization mechanism on modern iOS builds and devices, tihmstar strikes against nonce-based protections, creating tools such as tsschecker and Prometheus, making replay attacks once again possible.


Follow on Twitter

Marco Arment

iOS Developer

Marco, an audiopile developer, delivers an intuitive, delightful and time-saving podcast player, Overcast. Seemingly-simple features, such as Smart Speed and Voice Boost help its users save hours of playback times, are implemented with years of experience in maths, audio engineering and software development.


Available on the App Store

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