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Kay. Designer. Cinematographer. Editor. Student. Computer Scientist. Minimalist. And he believes everywhere is within walking distance.
How much do you know about Kay? A little? A lot? You're about to find out!

Upcoming Deadline

Deadline for an upcoming assembly presentation is approaching. Kay is asked to put together a slideshow.
Which device will Kay use to create the slideshow?


Say, it's goodbye, or it's graduation.
If Kay is asked to perform a song, which one will Kay be happy to perform?


Kay feels threatened when riding in one of the following transportation.
Try to spot it.


Throughout my life, I have recieved many bizzare (and awesome) gifts.
If Kay is to leave one of the following out of his luggage to college, which one would it be?


Living in a digital world, keeping track of remotes is extremely cubersome and difficult.
Out of the following remotes, there is one that Kay hates with a passion. Take a guess?


So Kay watches movies from time to time. What's the most important aspect of selecting a movie?


AC or fan?

Never Watched

From time to time, Kay watches TV shows from a wide range of producers and TV channels.
Which one of the following is a show Kay has never watched?


During commutes (bus and train rides) and free time, which type of sound does Kay enjoy the most?


Which podcast is my favourite?

Meh :(

Which artist/band does Kay feel meh instead of yay about?


What would Kay use as his wallpaper?


Did Kay anticipate you are very likely to be bored by these uninteresting questions? Your response to this question will not be marked.


What's the most asked question for Kay?


I spend a large amount of time watching live sports through TV - not for games themselves, but to see how these live productions come together.
Out of everything I watch, there's a particular kind that I just don't get. Which one is it?


Which one of these is something Kay has never done?

Locating Items

Kay has successfully located many missing items and creatures.
Which one of the following items took Kay the longest time to locate?


A few weeks ago, a raft turned over and Kay fell into a lake that is 3 meters deep. What's the first thing Kay did?


Which mascot represents Kay better?

Final Question

Do you think Kay built this quiz in a way that is vulnerable to hacks?
In other words, is it possible to reveal the answers without knowing about the answers?

Result: /100

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